Reasons To Power Wash Your Home

By Doug Black, Owner of Salida Home And Property LLC

Pressure Washing Your Home:

Mildew and algae put out spores that are capable of attaching to virtually anything. They prefer moisture, shade (they love the north side of a building) and require a food source for survival. Once attached, the spores quickly grow and begin eating the surface they are attached to. Short term damage is minimal and may not be perceivable, and over time they may cause fading, cracking, crumbling, peeling, flaking, and discoloration.

Pressure Washing aims to prevent this damage and to increase the natural beauty and curb appeal of your home.

The Salida Home And Property Cleaning Process

Power washing involves the application of a cleaning solution to your home to remove dirt, mildew and algae. Ingredients vary, but Salida Home And Property LLC uses biodegradable solutions of two anti-microbials, penetrant, water softeners, foaming surfactants. One of the anti-microbials is bleach, or sodium hypochlorite. We take measures to reduce the amount necessary and increase cleaning efficiency, effectiveness and cling time through the use of our other ingredients.

After the cleaning solution is applied and time has elapsed, the cleaning solution is carefully washed off along with the dirt and algae at a low pressure and high volume of water. The pressure is low enough to spray your own hand but strong enough to remove the dirt.


When power washing is done correctly, your home will look better, mold, algae, dirt and spores will be removed and your home value will be increased.

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